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20 Unique & Creative Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas 2020

by Newchristmasgreetings

Choosing the best Christmas tree is the hardest part of Christmas. Decorating your tree in a unique and beautiful way is the most important part of this event. We know that you are here because you are looking for some best Christmas Decorating Ideas.

Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

There are a lot of Christmas decor ideas but in this article, after long research and personal experience, we have discussed the most unique and adorable Christmas Decorating Ideas 2019.

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas 2019


1. Candlelight Christmas Tree

Candle lights Christmas Tree

Candles give an amazing look and it is one of the old fashion. But as candles are dangerous in this case because it can cause some serious fire hazards, therefore use candle lights instead of the real one.


2. Blue and White Tree

blue and white christmas tree

Believe me, blue and white colors enhance the beauty of each other. Besides the tree also decorate the whole room with blue and white colors. It will give additional beauty.


3. Christmas Tree With Sweets

christmas tree with sweets

Here is the most unique and wonderful Christmas Decoration idea. Decorate your tree with sweets like cookies, candy, and ribbon, etc so that children and other people can eat from it.


4. Pom Pom Christmas Tree

pom pom christmas tree

This is another unique design of Christmas Tree. Cover the base of the tree with some packed gifts. It will look amazing.


5. Rainbow Christmas Tree

Rainbow christmas tree

Some people like all the colors in a single thing. Therefore a rainbow tree is the best choice for them. It includes all colors that the rainbow has and thereby the tree looks like a fresh rainbow. The colors are small colored lights.


6. Simple White

Simple White Christmas Tree

Get a simple white tree and decorate it with some twinkle lights yourself as you like. Not too much work and most beautiful trees are ready. A really simple Christmas Tree Decoration Idea.


7. Tree With Berries

Christmas Tree With Berries

Get a Simple tree to decorate it with some sprigs of berries(red).


8. Tree With Pink

Pink christmas tree

Not satisfied or don’t like red? Try it with pink this year. I am sure you will love it.


9. Place Your Tree In A Window

Christmas tree

Place your Christmas Tree in a Window or near the window so that you can see it from the outside. Everybody will see it. Is not it a good idea?


10. Try With Black

Christmas tree with black

With black? Yeah, you must be wondering why I suggest black. A thin circular black layer over the tree will give some great charm. Believe me. See in the image above.


11. Christmas Tree With Reindeer

Reindeer Christmas Tree

Christmas without a reindeer is not Christmas. Add some to your Christmas tree in a natural way. Let your tree look unique.


12. Golden Tree

Golden Christmas tree

This one is my favorite of all the time. A golden tree standing in a white environment around looks amazing. Last year we had the golden Christmas tree in our white guestroom and everyone visiting us was about to “wow”. Undoubtedly it is a little bit costly but as it is Christmas so there should be no tension for money.


13. Photos Tree

Photos Christmas Tree

Photos Tree? Yes, you must be shocked because you may not have heard about the word Photo Tree. A tree with all your family small photos hanging around it is what I am talking about.


14. Forest Look Tree

Forest Christmas Tree

Tree with a big stem having different animals (deer, bears,) and birds(owls) giving a forest appearance to the tree.


15. Mini Tree

Tiny Christmas Tree

Do you like Mini things? Get a small tree, fix a star over its top and colored ball ornaments on its branches.


16. Bird Christmas Tree

Birds house christmas tree

Add some birdhouse ornaments to your tree. It will look adorable.


17. Match Your Decor

Match Your Decor Christmas tree

Always choose a tree and theme that match your home or room color and theme. This lovely tree perfectly fits the design of this living room.


18. Another Mini Tree

Tiny Christmas Tree Use a small tin as a container for your Christmas Tree and place it on a cabinet.  

19.Snow Man Christmas Tree

snowman christmas tree You can do it yourself. Get a white tree and use black light ornaments to give it a man like an appearance.

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